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This web site is dedicated to helping users identify their hostas.

It draws on the knowledge of hosta lovers who have contributed their knowledge and pictures. If you are a hosta lover who would like to contribute, register an account and you will be able to contribute pictures and (soon) information to any hosta in our database or, if it is not in the database, you can create a new entry for it. New contributors will have all their entries reviewed by experienced contributors.

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Getting started

Browse hostas, The browse page will let you see all the hostas uploaded to the database, in order of most recent first. You can also see the hotas ordered by number of favories. Registered users can easily favorite hostas by clicking on the heart icon on any hosta's page. This will let you find a hosta again quickly and easily via your "my favorites" page that can be accesseed by the user menu at the top right of the site for logged in users.

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Start contributing!

Have a slew of hostas and photographs? Know all the details about the varieties and itching to share your knowledge? We are looking for users like you!

Visit our comprehensive sumbmit page, upload all the details for classifying a hosta as well as all the pictures you want! Choose a thumbnail image for the varaiety and be sure to fill out 'Image Source' and yourself (or the appropriate party) credit for the photograph!

See all the hostas you've uploaded easily with the "my hostas" link in the user menu at the top right of the site for logged in users! What are you waiting for?

NOTE: Submissions should be unique! one entry for each hosta in the database, If you have a quality picture of an existing hosta in the database you can contribute new photos after creating an account. Soon the site will support full editing to allow users to correct and contribute exiting data.

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